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LVL Chapter 95

[A Prayer Veiled as an Expectation] “Well, Baldasare-kun had pointed out the main issue. But his voice sure is loud as ever.” (Julia) Saying that, Julia took her eyes off the plaza and leaned against the wall of the building. As if to follow her, Sakurai pushed aside Luisina, who had gotten on his back,Continue reading “LVL Chapter 95”

Genjitsu de Rabukome Dekinai to Dare ga Kimeta? Vol. 2 Prologue Pt. 3

Translator : learning2tl Editor : OD Dragon Proofreader : darsincostan Prologue – Who decided that the romantic comedy starts from Volume 2? Part 3 The next day was Monday, the beginning of the week. I arrived at school at the usual time and quickly got ready for class. In the classroom, I could hear the sounds of laughter everywhere. The reservedContinue reading “Genjitsu de Rabukome Dekinai to Dare ga Kimeta? Vol. 2 Prologue Pt. 3”

LVL Chapter 83

[The Best Line] [Now, it’s finally started! The academy festival’s first competition, ‘chariot race’! Live on-the-scene, is me, Takeya Erie, a member of the academy newspaper club, and!] [Military academy 16th platoon’s representative…’s proxy, Luisina Mateos.] [Eh? Proxy? Or rather, isn’t Luisina—] [Just accidental resemblance. The person I’m substituting for should be sleeping in theContinue reading “LVL Chapter 83”

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